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Help for Problems With Furnaces, Boilers, & Heat Pumps

Sometimes, problems with your heating system just creep up on you. You notice the furnace has been struggling to keep up this winter, or you can’t remember when you started hearing the boiler make that noise.

Other times, your system suddenly breaks down. You may not know what the problem is, but you know you need a repair—fast.

If you’re in need of a heating repair, American Air Heating & Cooling is the solution. We provide services that add up to a smart investment rather than just money spent. Through unfailing professionalism and skilled workmanship, we ensure a rewarding experience and results that meet your long-term heating demands.

Call us at (618) 243-7591 to consult one of our Alton heating repair specialists.

What is Considered a Furnace Emergency?

The most common furnace emergencies are when it completely stops working or if there is a persistent smell of gas coming from the unit. This can potentially lead to a fire, so you want get in contact with an HVAC company right away. Shall you be local to us, American Air Heating & Cooling can assist with emergency furnace repair services in Alton and surrounding areas.

Common Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs

Since heating systems have different energy sources and different methods of heating, a general problem such as failure to reach temperature can have a variety of causes. Knowing the signs to look out for can help you catch this problem early, potentially saving you money on repairs or even preventing the need for an early replacement.

Common signs that your heating system needs repairs include:

  • Low pressure in boiler systems

  • Blower fan failure in furnace systems

  • Improperly wired thermostat

  • Frequent cycling (turning on and off)

  • Strange noises (e.g. rattling, gurgling, whistling)

  • Pilot light burning yellow instead of blue

  • Strange smells

  • Cool pockets around your home

  • Rising utility bills

If you’re confronted with even a minor problem with any model or style of heating equipment, have confidence in the specialists from American Air Heating & Cooling. Our team is trained to exacting standards. We arrive on time with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and a full inventory of quality replacement parts to handle any kind of heating issue, whether you use a boiler, furnace, or heat pump.

Trust Us For Alton Furnace Repairs

American Air Heating & Cooling is always here for you, providing service across Alton, Wood River, Bethalto, and beyond. We get to the bottom of the problem quickly, offer cost-effective recommendations, and take proactive measures to avoid further concerns down the road.

For heating repair and seasonal maintenance, know that American Air Heating & Cooling never wastes your time. We specialize in the solutions that make life easier and more affordable.

Reach out to us at (618) 243-7591 for all your Alton heating repair needs.

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