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4 Reasons to Tune-up Your Furnace This Fall

As the leaves begin to change colors and fall to the ground, the last days of summer and the beginning of fall blend together, and for a few short weeks, it’s the perfect temperature outdoors. The last thing on your mind during these weeks of autumn bliss is whether you should have your furnace tuned up for the coming winter. However, we’re here to tell you that the beginning of fall is the perfect time to schedule a tune-up for your furnace since you won’t likely need your heater for a few more weeks.

If your heater is in need of repairs, it’s better to find out before you need it during the coldest days of winter. It’s likely been several months since you last used your system. Over those months of nonuse, it could have developed issues from overgrown grass, weather damage, or worn parts. You don’t want to wait for the system to break down, which could require emergency repairs. Plus, it can be dangerous to be without heating during cold winter nights. Penciling in a yearly system tune-up coinciding with the beginning of fall is a great way to ensure that your heating system is ready for you when you need it during the winter.

The 4 Top Reasons to Schedule a Tune-up This Fall:

  1. Safety: Faulty heating systems are a known source of harmful gases like carbon monoxide. Typically, this gas leak is the result of faulty heating equipment malfunctions. So, tuning up your furnace can be a matter of life and death. A timely furnace tune-up can discover any wear and tear to your unit, like cracks and defects. While these may seem minor, small cracks allow toxic gases like carbon monoxide to leak into the air, which can lead to severe illness or death.
  1. Budget & Energy Savings: A well-maintained furnace can ensure your heating system is working properly and free from the type of significant wear and tear known to impact efficiency. When your system is working overtime to heat your home, it uses more money and costs more to operate each month. Unmaintained furnaces cost homeowners more to operate and contribute to the rapid aging of your system. Emergency breakdowns are a costly result of neglecting your heating system. While all repairs can’t be avoided, many system problems can be avoided through regular inspection from a licensed and trained professional.
  1. Air Quality: Air Filters serve an important role in your heating system. When your filters are clogged and dirty, your heater has to work overtime to keep your home warm. Your filters should be changed or cleaned regularly, and when they aren’t, it can cause the air quality in your home to deteriorate in addition to preventing warm air from reaching the various rooms in your home.
  1. Electrical Connections & Wiring: Preventative maintenance and tune-ups to your furnace will include a system inspection, which can ensure your heater is free from frayed, worn, or exposed wiring. A tune-up will also check all the appropriate connectors. Faulty wiring poses a massive safety risk. Furthermore, old and worn wiring is a major cause of appliance fires, so it’s vital that the electrical components and connections of your heating system are maintained.

System tune-ups are a form of preventative maintenance, which is an important part of responsible homeownership. A tune-up can save you more than just time and money. It can also help you protect the health of your household.

Professional Preventative Maintenance & Tune-ups

The team at American Air Heating & Cooling is licensed and trained to provide top-quality maintenance and repair services for your furnace. We have been serving the residents of this community since 1989, and we are proud to offer products and services tailored to meet your needs. We can schedule a tune-up for you anytime. System tune-ups are the first line of defense for your furnace and a great way to avoid sudden malfunctions and emergency repairs.

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